Pink Tie Friends

Message from our Treasurer

It is with great pride and honor

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we are able to announce that we have made $378,200 total revenue for Pink Tie Friends for the 42 patients we have helped in 2010.

We were involved in 48 events last year which generated a large amount of NEW community support for both our financial stability and patient program.

We would like to think that Nancy O’Neill’s legacy and vision has superseded her expectations as we have grown from supporting patients in only one county to supporting patients in three counties and we look forward to growing within the next two years to four counties and “THEN THE STATE.”

We would like to thank ALL of our volunteers to reach into their hearts and soul to reaffirm, or even increase, their commitment to our ever-flourishing organization. “Breast cancer waits for no one.”

In 2010, we established committees for the first time and learned from this plan and will revise and expand our infrastructure for committees in 2011.

With our sound financial footing in place, we continue to expand our internal controls and focus on our MISSION: “Patients,” policies, procedure, follow up, and long-term “good will.”

Thank you from your Treasurer

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Our sincere gratitude to all of our many supporters who make this organization possible.