Pink Tie Friends


Pink Tie Friends Inc. are always looking for dedicated individuals who are willing to help our organization and the women and men we assist. If you would be willing to donate a few hours of your time to our worthy cause, please fill out this application form.

For questions, please contact:

Katherine Harwood

We are very proud of our  Volunteers of the Month! Thank you!


January: Sarah “Sally” Stumpf

February: Tom Walker

March: Denise Walker

April: Sue Hedgepeth

May: Sue Hedgepeth


January: Ruth Woodbury

February: Vivian Coniglio

March: Mary Lou Hawkins

April: Pat Greaves

May: Scott Elder

June: Susan Morris

July: Toni Collier

August: Karen Miret

September: Ginny Longo

October: Michele Vongerichten

November: Loretta Kilcline

December: Paula Richmond

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Our sincere gratitude to all of our many supporters who make this organization possible.